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Reporting Unclaimed Property

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Treasurer Ball is committed to working cooperatively with businesses and banks across the state to keep them informed about their responsibilities regarding the timely reporting and remittance of unclaimed property to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Non-Physical Deliveries

DTC Securities

DTC #0725

FAO: Client Name & RJ Account Number 28605788

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This year we have gone to all electronic reporting including zero reports. 


Property Reports

Holders can use any preferred NAUPA formatted software for creating/submitting Unclaimed Property Reports to the State of Kentucky in electronic format: via email, cd, upload through UP Exchange, etc.

Once a report is generated and submitted to the Unclaimed Property Division, print/generate a corresponding summary sheet from the reporting software you used to make your report which provides the total number of accounts, dollars, shares, properties being reported, the company name, contact, and FEIN.  If your software does not create this summary, you can create one with the corresponding information.  You will submit this summary sheet with your check payment  by mail.  If you submit your report and payment both online you will not need to send us a summary sheet, confirmation will be received on both ends via email.  Note: If you submitted your report via email or online do not send a duplicate report by cd.  

Checks need to be made payable to: KY State Treasury Unclaimed Property Division and need to be mailed to:



1050 US HWY 127 SOUTH SUITE 100


Zero Reports

Holders can use any preferred reporting software for creating/submitting electronic  Zero reports.  We are suggesting UP Exchange for those who have never used, or don’t already have a reporting software on their computer, or do not have the option to download software.  UP Exchange is great for those who only report limited amounts of property yearly or the occasional zero report.   You do not have to down load anything to use this reporting software and it has a great free version which allows you to submit your report directly to us.


Training Videos

YOUTUBE Video For Zero Reporting if you ALREADY HAVE AN ID

YOUTUBE Video For Zero Reporting if you DO NOT HAVE AN ID


Last Updated 2/8/2016