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Financial Empowerment

Financial Empowerment Press Conference_2.jpgT

Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball launched the Financial Empowerment Coalition and the Financial Empowerment Database in April of 2018. 

“As a former bankruptcy attorney, I understand the need of greater financial literacy in our state,” Treasurer Ball said at the press conference announcing the database and coalition. “This is an exciting day in Kentucky, as this coalition and database will help bring greater financial empowerment to Kentuckians."

The database is a product of the Treasurer’s work with leaders from numerous fields including educators, financial institutions, advocates for veterans and military personnel, and nonprofits. This online resource has been compiled as part of Treasurer Ball’s Financial Empowerment Coalition, which began meeting informally in 2016, the year she took office.  The coalition, which now boasts more than thirty organizations, has provided over 100 links of financial literacy resources. The database’s resources are divided into six target groups, or Cultivation Communities, which are also the focus of the Financial Empowerment Coalition’s work. These six communities include Aging Kentuckians, Emerging Adults, Kentuckians with Disabilities, Low-Income Families, Student Strategies, and Veterans and Military Personnel.