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Transparency.jpg​​​On April 18th, 2017 Treasurer Ball announced a new transparency initiative for state government.  The newly enhanced transparency website for Kentucky statement government established a historic viewing of Kentucky's finances, allowing every day Kentuckians to see how state government functions.   View the website here:

The taxpayers of Kentucky deserve to know how their money is spent.  Treasurer Ball supports measures to show where tax payer dollars are going. 

Treasurer Ball supports a fair process for vendor selection and contract offers.  Kentucky residents can review public contracts of selected vendors and examine them in order to ensure fairness.

Every member of state government works for, and is paid by, the citizens of Kentucky.  Taxpayers should know what they are paying state workers. Treasurer Ball supports transparency in state salaries. Kentucky citizens should research and learn what agencies, universities, and constitutional officers pay staff to go to work for you every day.

Transparency includes knowing what land and buildings state government owns.  Treasurer Ball correctly realizes the property that state government owns is property that Kentucky citizens gave to the government. Taxpayers should know where that property is and what it includes. Kentucky taxpayers can study the listed properties to learn what land and property is owned by state government.