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Financial Empowerment Commission


Financial Empowerment Commission

About the Commission

Treasurer Ball and the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission​ are committed to providing resources and supporting Kentucky educators who teach financial literacy. Ahead of the 2020-2021 school year, the Commission sent this list of free, online resources to educators to help with financial education for all grade levels.  Financial literacy is critically important for the success of our youth and equipping them for financially empowered futures.

Treasurer Ball is proud to have championed the new high school financial literacy graduation requirement for all Kentucky students (KRS 158.1411). The online list of resources above and the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Database may be useful for students and teachers. 

House Bill 139 (2019)

During the 2019 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly, Treasurer Allison Ball successfully advocated for the passage of the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Bill, HB 139. The bill passed the General Assembly with unanimous support from both Chambers. 

The Commission is an innovative method of addressing a very important problem facing Kentuckians. Tasked with developing and implementing plans to improve the financial literacy of Kentuckians, the Commission will also provide support to educators teaching financial literacy in Kentucky. Thanks to a partnership Treasurer Ball reached with the Kentucky Credit Union League and Kentucky credit unions, the Commission will operate without the use of taxpayer dollars. 

“In a time where money is tight in Frankfort, I have been working hard to address problems looming over Kentucky at no cost to taxpayers,” Treasurer Ball said. “The financial support of Kentucky credit unions is vital to the success of the Commission. Thanks to their commitment to partner with us in addressing financial literacy issues, we are tackling this problem head-on in a fiscally responsible way.” 

The creation of Kentucky’s Financial Empowerment Commission is the newest element of Treasurer Ball’s persistent work to financially empower Kentuckians. In 2018, she was an outspoken advocate of HB132, which made a financial literacy course or program a high school graduation requirement. She also launched Kentucky’s Financial Empowerment Coalition and Database in April of 2018 and was named Chair of the National Association of State Treasurer’s Financial Education and Empowerment Committee in 2019. 

Meeting Information

For meeting information and minutes, click here.