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Boards and Commissions


Boards and Commissions
The Treasurer sits on several boards and commissions, each of which is vital to Kentucky’s economic, financial, and cultural prosperity.  Treasurer Ball takes each of these roles seriously and will always advocate for policies that will positively impact Kentuckians.

 The Commission is an innovative method of addressing a very important problem facing Kentuckians. Tasked with developing and implementing plans to improve the financial literacy of Kentuckians, the Commission will also provide support to educators teaching financial literacy in Kentucky. Thanks to a partnership Treasurer Ball reached with the Kentucky Credit Union League and Kentucky credit unions, the Commission will operate without the use of taxpayer dollars.

Teachers' Retirement System Kentucky​
The Kentucky Teachers Retirement System (KTRS) is one of Kentucky’s state run pension systems.  Treasurer Ball is a board member for KTRS, which means she oversees the pensions and savings of our teachers.  As the daughter and granddaughter of former educators, Treasurer Ball cares deeply about the solvency of the KTRS pension fund.  She is committed to working with other board members, educators, and elected officials to find a solution to ensure that current and future retirees receive a quality pension.

Kentucky Lottery Board
Building a lottery that helps more children afford a college education is important to Treasurer Ball.  As a member of the Kentucky Lottery Board, Treasurer Ball works to ensure that the revenues generated are sufficient to fund the KEES program, which rewards graduating high school seniors with scholarships for college.  Treasurer Ball believes lottery revenues should be entirely spent on education.

Treasurer Ball is also focused on making sure that funds generated and spent by the Lottery Board are done so constitutionally and transparently.

State Investment Commission
As Chair of the State Investment Commission, Treasurer Ball monitors the state's investments of more than $3 billion so that state government receives the best possible return. The State Investment Commission is charged with the oversight of Kentucky's investment programs. The state's investments fall into four primary categories:

  • The Short-term pool that consists primarily of general fund cash balances and provides liquidity for the remaining investment pools;
  • The Intermediate-term Pool that represents agency fund investments, state held component unit and fiduciary fund accounts;
  • The Long-term Pool that invests the budget reserve trust fund account and any other funds deemed appropriate for the pool where the need for liquidity is not a serious concern; and
  • The Bond Proceed Pool in which capital construction bond proceeds are invested.

The Office of Financial Management is the administrative arm for the investment commission. The Office of Financial Management analyzes and manages the state's short-term and long-term cash flow requirements and seeks to maximize the return on Kentucky investments. The office also develops a long-term debt plan for the state.

Kentucky Higher Education
The Treasurer sits on the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) and Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation (KHESLC) boards.  These boards are tasked with governing student loan policies and awards for Kentucky college students. 
Treasurer Ball is always looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to provide opportunities for students to have access to funding for college, as well as ensuring that KHEAA and KHESLC investments benefit the students they are designed to serve. 

Kentucky Deferred Compensation Board 

 Kentucky Public Employees' Deferred Compensation Authority (KDC) is authorized under the Kentucky Revised Statutes (18A.230 – 18A.275) to provide administration of tax-deferred supplemental retirement plans for all state, public school and university employees, and employees of local political subdivisions that have elected to participate.